ELM offer high end individuals with faster and affordable personal loan to cater for their short-term need. This facility is quite convenient to all employees with formal employment.

Targeted Customers

Employees with permanent employment contracts, they are professionals in different fields.
The purpose of this product to target employees is to enable them sort their different needs without jeopardizing their reputation and their status in public and in their place of work. Most of the target customers on this loan product are employees in Banks, Telecom companies, NGO’s, International Organizations and other organization of the same calibre.

Loan Amount

From Tsh 100,000 to Tsh 5,000,000 depending on the net salary of the applicant. The loan amount can increase based on the client recommendation and reference from guarantor

Purpose of the Loan

This loan is designed to help the target customers in their different needs on investments, business or other personal needs.

Duration of the loan

Not more than 12 months.

Accepted Collateral

  • Motor vehicle (registered in Tanzania for not more than 5 years, with comprehensive insurance.
  • Share certificates from different companies which can be mortgaged on stock exchange market.


  • Application form filled in thoroughly
  • Work ID
  • Passport photo of the applicant
  • Introduction letter from the employer
  • Introduction letter from local government
  • Employment contract.
  • Referee preferably your boss in your place of work. He/she must fill in the referee form and attach the same with your application form
  • Salary slips of the past three (3) months
  • Bank statement of your salary account of the past six three months
  • Pictures of the collateral

Loan will be released within 8 hours after submission of a thorough application with all the requirements as stated above