This is a credit facility designed to finance business operations.  The facility is meant to support entrepreneur business growth. Eligible businesses for this facility are those that are fully licensed and registered as well as must be in operation at least for a period of one year and above.

Targeted Customers

Business people from mid-sized businesses and graduated customers groups.

Loan Amount

From Tsh 100,000 up to Tsh 10,000,000. The loan amount will be provided based on business assessment and forecasted growth.

Purpose of the Loan

The loan is designed to finance business operations such as buying raw materials and also finance business expansion activities

Duration Of Loan

Not more than 12 months.

Accepted Collateral

  • House/plot with title deed or residential license (official mortgage shall be conducted at the ministry). We will not accept 3rd party guarantor ship especially on residential licenses
  • Motor vehicle (registered in Tanzania for not more than 5 years, with comprehensive insurance)
  • Collateral value must be 200% of the loan amount


  • Copy of Identity card (National ID, Voters’ ID, passport or driver’s license)
  • Introduction letter from the local government
  • Spouse consent and certificate of marriage or affidavit of  marriage
  • Referee form (if the applicant is not from Dar es salaam, he must have a referee who is a Dar resident)
  • Proof of residence (lease agreement or residence license, utility bills)
  • Proof of place of business (lease agreement or proof of ownership of place of business, utility bills)
  • Proof of business experience of not less than 12 months
  • Business license, TIN and business registration certificate
  • Business Bank Statement atleast three months
  • If the applicant is a limited company, they have to submit their MEMARTS and certificate of business registration (Extract from Register).
  • Consent from the Board about taking the loan and the agreement from bank account signatories.
  • Budget on how the loan will be utilized.
  • Business reports, account bookings on sales and spends, receipts books and invoices.
  • The applicant and his/her sponsor must come together on the day the loan is released so that they can both sign the loan agreement.

Loan will be released within 8 hours after submission of a thorough application with all the requirements as stated above.